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NewRecs is one of leading IT focus recruitment firm based in Hong Kong. We offer a full range of IT staffing solution (IT Perm and IT Secondment) and Executive Search services across sectors namely Banking & Finance, IT, Telco, Social Media, Luxury retail and etc.

We specialise in the assesment, acquisition and identification of middle to top-level management talent for our clients. Owing to our accomplished internal team, extensive headhunting skills, IT knowhow, and ingenious hiring dynamics we ensure that your enterprise always gets a steady stream of niche and high-quality IT and senior executives.  




Our winning features:
 Founded by experienced and trained Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT & T) recruiters specializing in the Asia Pacific region.
•    Across-the-board IT recruitment and outsourcing - permanent, contractual, interim, and IT secondment solutions. Also skilled in other sectoral senior-management recruitments.
•    Distinctive hiring techniques including proactive search, dormant candidate prospecting, and optimal employee matching.
•    Proficient headhunting consultants on board with industry-leading IT domain, candidate screening, and job market expertise.
•    The choicest candidates selected from a comprehensive and exclusive Pan-Asia network.   
•    Sure, speedy, and cost-effective hiring methods – get the right employees easily and also save precious time and money in the process!


We offer a full range of IT staffing solution and executive search services





  • IT Permenant Placement 

  • IT Direct Contract Hiring / IT Secondment Services   

  • Executive Hiring (CEO, CTO, GM and more)



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We recruit IT roles

  • Application Development

  • Infrastructure & Support

  • Security & Risk

  • Business Intelligence/ERP

  • BA, PMO & PM

  • Digital & Media

  • Senior Appointments

Senior Appointments Search 

IT Secondment Solutions



Besides IT hiring, NewRecs offers peerless services to help clients populate senior management positions such as CEO, CTO, Head of HR, Marketing Director and many more. It’s all the result of our consultants’ headhunting expertise and experience in managing niche recruitments over the years. 

Our IT Secondment solutions give you the flexibility to access skilled professionals exactly when you need them. We carefully vet and select the most qualified candidates to ensure they can seamlessly integrate into your team and drive results. By leveraging our IT Secondment services, you can avoid the overhead costs associated with hiring full-time employees, such as benefits, training, and etc. We handle all the administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

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